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Research artists part 2

Paul Westcombe [1]

Until I looked at this artist’s work, I had never thought of using used materials before. His intricate drawings on underground receipts and coffee cups with stains are interesting to look at. Having attempted painting on stones, I appreciate how much harder it is to paint on a curved surface than a flat one!

His work has made me think of any surface as being a support really. I’m going to think of some every day stuff that goes in the recycling bin to use.

Cathy Lomax [2]

I found some metal postcards and posters from this artist’s website in the 2013 section, which inspire me to try painting on metal. Unfortunately there isn’t any description of the medium used but I’m going to try oil, acrylic and enamel to see what works best when my metal offcuts arrive. Looking through her work, I do like her compositions – parts of legs, close ups of faces, unusual angles.

Alli Sharma [3]

On this website I found a painting of a donkey on a stool, and images printed on to clothing. She has paintings of single items of jewellery in some detail. I managed to find a website which had her painting on a perfume bottle, and Cathy Lomax composition of a partial face on a bag [4].

Lisa Milroy [5]

This artist paints unusual things like a pile of garbage. Some of her compositions remind me of Luc Tuymans with large expanses of black/nothing making me feel like I’m sneaking a look at the subject. I like her ‘Painting a picture’ which consists of many small paintings of every day objects like a burger and pencils put together in a grid. Together they look interesting, in a way they wouldn’t if they were single ones I think. I like her painterly style. Her choice of subjects intrigues me too; spider in a glass, false teeth, paper doll and paper clothes hung on a line.

Lee Edwards [6]

I like the level of detail in his work and how he spends weeks drawing a mundane subject but it looks interesting [7]. Tiny detailed faces on conkers, who would think that up? His work looks almost photographic, which is not a style that appeals to me to paint in myself, but I can appreciate the work that’s gone into it.

Madeline Von Foerster [8]

I found a painting in the book ‘100 painters of tomorrow’ entitled ‘ Ex Mare’2010 where an odd collection of objects sits in a display case. It looks stylised. Her website describes the technique of egg tempera and oil in some detail. I don’t think this style is for me, I prefer a more painterly look I think.