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Reflections on part 2 feedback

It was great to read there was some interesting work, as I have tried to experiment, and still life type things have never been my favourites.

Main points –

  • coffee painting was most successful in the 2.1 exercise. But also feels milk churn enamels show possibilities. Think of building it up in thin layers.
  • 2.4 – watercolour quite successful, but not the others – look rushed and shadows make the subject look confusing. Yes I could see that – the shadows were too prominent. Composition good though and subject matter interesting.
  • Buildings landscape worked well. Right to let copper shine through. When painting enamel on metal use flatter brushes to avoid tramlines. Smaller medical objects work well even though not carefully described – leaves viewer guessing as to function
  • sketchbook a little random – lots of different work – need to organise better
  • blog is interesting and relevant – good to be inspired to tackle new things.
  • look at Michael Borremans and Rezi van Lankveld


I agree with all the points – trying out new mediums means some things don’t work as well as others. I do like enamel on metal so using flatter brushes is a great tip. Thinning them out could help too.