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Exercise 3.2

I’ve never done this before, so a steep learning curve. img_9379

The first monotype with oil – getting the consistency was difficult. Also, the hot weather meant the Sansodor made the oil dry quickly. I liked this when it printed, but now I look and see the white gaps which I’m not sure if they add to the ‘printed look’ or make it look amateurish.

I did this to see what a more simple composition might look like – the second is the second print, but it didn’t work. I can see now that more paint on the face would be better, it looks a bit flat leaving it white.


Another change, using a upview and large brush strokes. Interesting to see how the brush marks really show up here. I think more paint on this might ruin it.

I decided to have a change from faces and try this photo from a landscape photo I’d taken that morning with sun coming through railings. The first print came out pretty well. the second print I added more paint but I lost the ‘printed look’ and I think I prefer the first one because of the textures left on the leaves.

The first is the traditional oil painting I did on holiday. The second is a print of the same view a fortnight later. I’m starting to realise that simple shapes work best.

What went well?

Using A4 prints is a good size for this practice because if it goes badly at least I haven’t spent hours painting it for it to fail!

What could be improved?

As well as drawing, tone and colours, I realise printing also involves even more thought with the paint mix. Any lumpy bits will looks a mess. Handling the print with painted fingers ruins the clean edge. If the paint on the plate isn’t shiny it isn’t going to print much at all. I have to be quick with my painting, which means getting set up first with what I want to do. There’s not time for meandering about because the paint is dry and it’s ruined before it’s started. I’ve stuck with quite traditional styles, because this is about getting the printing sorted, I feel the more creative bit can develop on when I’ve got that right!