Reflections on part 5 feedback

Having to change tutor so near the end of this course has been stressful [I had already completed assignment 5 at this point!] but meeting the tutor at a study visit last weekend put my mind at rest. I was heartened by this feedback. It was positive but also contained some excellent points to take forward for the future and made me feel enthusiastic but challenged.

  • my log was described as ‘an exemplary articulation of your practice and research’ which was great to read, as this has been a steep learning curve for me over the first year and I know I write more concisely than I used to.
  • ‘Even though you are just at the beginning of your degree I feel as if you are already at a point where you can start to really refine your notion of practice led research – in other words really allowing the questions to come out of the making and for those questions to then generate the research’. This is a good point and one of the biggest things I’ve learnt, to ‘go with the flow’ and see where it leads, rather than the concrete view I used to take, which didn’t allow for much experimentation.
  • fullsizeoutput_2069

    42 x 15 cm Humbol on metal

    Painting 1 – ‘good use of the ground generally’. ‘Lorry is more clunky than bear.’ Yes I can see that, but enamel is so much harder to control and in a way unless it had been a disaster, the outcome feels almost accidental? Maybe that will change as my technique gets better. I can see it would have looked better as a series though if there had been less paint used.

  • fullsizeoutput_2167

    Painting 3 final oil on gesso cardboard A3

    ‘“the selfie reflection did not work well in the computer screen, one in the window was possible but very blurred.” interesting – does this mean that you were not prepared to use the image as it was too indistinct for your expectations of the work?’. Excellent point – why did I need a solid form to work from, does that reflect my lack of confidence? This is an idea I will take forward for the future. Trying it out would have been a better option. I like the description of the final paintings though ‘strong and raw and capture the essence of what you were after’ which feels positive.

  • Life drawings – commented that a development piece looks more ambitious than the final one. I do think the one on the left has been enhanced digitally and have looked at it again in real life. It does look a more muddy mix than in the photo. From this advice I will take forward trying to be more ambitious to life draw classes – especially with dramatic range of tones.
  • img_0529Half head of homemade paint – likes the concept but feels underworked. I can understand that digitally but I do feel in real life it looks more interesting with fine textures to the print. I had experimented with different grounds but felt they detracted from the print. Tutor unsure why printing was used, but I had tried painting and felt prints produced accidental marks that I liked.
  • img_0578

    PAINTING 6 – A3 – watercolour and acrylic ink and bleach on hot pressed paper

    Tree painting – really lovely but as I thought top of tree lets it down. I will look up Michael Andrew’s final estuary painting. Could have been more vulnerable or raw – agreed.

I really like this – because it feels ‘other worldy’ even though I know what it is. Not abstract, but only just figurative. I will research more into this artist.

  • img_0321

    Sakura printing oil on paper 25cm Painting 2 FINAL

    Graffiti woman – yes I chose a method that translates the original stencilled image in a more accidental way – I agree!

  • comment that research used really well and writing is clear and logical – great to hear!
  • it would have been good to add what I thought translating the graffiti artists work into a print had achieved. I will add that to the final assignment. I have added a comment at the end of writing about painting 2;
  • comment about my quoted ambitions is insightful – that an abstract ambition is not quite the right word but more that the recording of information will not be all visual – yes I take that on board.
  • Tutor agrees with my thought the series did not work as a body
  • Look at the Jerwood drawing catalogue – great idea and I’m sorry I missed that show this year.
  • Next course reflect more slowly on artist’s work and allow the work to generate more research – good point.


Great points to ponder over and I will get the Jerwood catalogue, research slower in Year 2 [I’ve been too excitable bouncing around artists in Year !] and think of using blurred images as a starting point in the future, and experiment! I will research more into Michael Andrews, and try to see an original, I would like to know his media and techniques.

From my own self reflection, I’m going to tweak my essay and make sure the artists work is related to my own more. Footnote – I have updated the essay now to be more relevant to my work.


Following discussions with my tutor after the final feedback, who reassured me that I didn’t really need to change anything if I didn’t want to,  I did decided to add a few marks to the tree foliage and make it less ‘comfortable’!

I practised on the development pieces until I felt I had the right marks and colours. I realised it need to be 3 marks in a dark colour, as the rest of the foliage was light enough. I liked the marks with a palette knife best, because they seemed more random and exciting. I do see how they add something to the top part. I think adding more would look overworked and am happy to leave it there.

I did look many times at the sculpture head painting 5 but after experiments with a wash as background already tried, I did decide to leave it as it is, which felt harder than trying something out!


Painting 6 – Acrylic ink/watercolour with palette knife on A2 paper


4 thoughts on “Reflections on part 5 feedback

    1. cleveyart Post author

      Thanks Arlene, really appreciate that. Have very much enjoyed your work too! Unfortunately now on enforced holiday as sliced a hand tendon a couple of days ago and needed an operation, so no D2 for me for a while 😦


      1. Arlene Sharp

        Oh how unfortunate sorry to hear that – at least you had finished UPM – perhaps the OCA will let you put your studies on hold so that you don’t lose the time. Wishing you a speedy recovery.


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