Reflections on part 4 feedback

I was pleased the overall comment was positive ‘once again you have embraced the experimental mindset required for this module and have produced some interesting work, showing creative thought’.

Points for reflection

  • 4.1 – watercolours worked well, abstract and delicate. I agree the first lampshade worked better and the second is a good point it would look better cropped down. Comment that messy cupboard has been overworked, which I agree with although I had been aiming for a loose style.
  • 4.2 – interesting view points are good. Like perfume bottles – look at work of Mika Kato [done – see research artists part 5]. Avoid using black or pencil if using colour in a drawing as it deadens it – excellent point! Long marks look messy – build up tone with crosshatching – another good point
  • 4.4 – cautious about adding paint here which has worked as it would have been  a shame to alter the delicacy of the chandelier. Acrylic cupboard painting has been improved with more paint.
  • Assignment – mind map good. Composition worked well but maybe execution was a bit clumsy compared to the previous sketches. I wonder if I should redo this, maybe in oils? After looking at assignment 4 again, I realised I had painted a work too far, which my tutor had pointed out I did in D1! I actually think one of the first more realistic acrylics was the most successful, because it is already an abstract view before I’ve started painting – in obscuring what the form is, then I lose the original idea. So I will substitute assignment 4 for a development work. Blog post here;



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