Reflections on part 3 feedback

Printing was completely new to me, but my tutor picked up on the fact I really enjoyed it, which is great to hear!

Ex 3.1 – highly expressive and different brushes helped it stop being too fussy

Ex 3.2 – good selection, basic portraits but highly expressive, really likes landscapes [prefers second striped to first which I wondered if overpainted!], bold, has energy

Ex 3.3 – works on black are effective. Mark making bit repetitive – lots of shorter strokes suggest lack of confidence, try more varied with fluid marks

Ex 3.4 – sensitive mark making and delicate colouring. Monochrome worked particularly well – don’t be too tidy, charm of this is surface textures

Assignment – Red and black is particularly striking and have iconic poster look, sense of movement. Middle portrait – delicate fine lines produced work of sensitivity even though proportions not quite right.


Reflections – try to use different marks, not just short repetitive ones, don’t be too tidy, try more fluid marks.

Great advice once again and will try to build on this for assignment 5 as printing has become a new favourite of mine!


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