OCA Study visit – Yorkshire sculpture park

A cold morning welcomed us to the fantastic sculpture park. There are sculptures everywhere, sheep graze around them.

I took an A2 board and charcoal, which was a bit cumbersome, but I’ve found after A1 drawing in D1 that I like drawing big! We started with this Henry Moore statue. The head is square and tiny compared to the rest of the body so it seemed important to emphasise that, and not let the head drift to normal size!


Next, we visited the Longside gallery where Ryan Gander was curating ‘Night in the museum. Here is my A2 sketch of Jacob Epstien’s ‘Bust of Meum 1916-18’. I really liked how she looked so thoughtful with a slightly open mouth.


Next, I thought I’d challenge myself with the twisted pose of Uli Nimptsch ‘seated figure 1951’ but I ran out of time as we needed to move on to the next sketching destination.

I had a chance to look round this show and I liked the Ben Nicholson on display, because it has an interesting composition that is multi-layered.


Ben Nicholson Feb 25 1963

Moving on to our final destination, I sketched a rather odd hare/human hybrid…


This was a huge 2.5 metre sculpture made of textured material and was an odd sight but so interesting to draw!

As always on these study visits, having a chance to chat to tutors and students really made the day. It also made me think how much my drawing has improved in the last year, as I would never have tackled the human figure then, let alone with such a large board! I think these would be great to develop with oil painting using rags.


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