Art Gallery Visit – Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva Lakeside gallery Nottingham

This was a strange exhibition, which didn’t really appeal to me as a vegetarian! The smell when  entered reminded me of preserved corpses from anatomy at university, not that pleasant – like window leathers.

I have to say that the effect of preserved pig guts as you walked in was quite spectacular. It looked like a strange religous space.



The stomach of a cow preserved with guts trailing from it appeared to be like a strange altar.

The drapes of caul fat are illuminated in an interesting way, which highlights their delicacy. There was certainly no escaping these were made from organic matter.

The artist has researched her pieces, with 2 years of witnessing endoscopies of the digestive tract and interviewing patients.

I admire the fact she has found beauty in these organs that would be cast out otherwise or go into pet food.


Above is ‘Manometry 2016’ which is copper wire on linen, and made me think how metal doesn’t have to be just painted on, it can be used in many more creative ways like this. Most people wouldn’t know what monometry is – but I guess this is a pH graph from a wire being inserted into someones stomach acid. It’s a beautiful representation of that.


Gill’s Slits 2011

I liked this sculpture made of skate wings because the clamps holding it together are quite clumsy and I think that highlights the delicacy of the bones.

I must admit I hurried through the preserved pigs stomachs and purses made of sheep testes.

From this show, I would like to take away the idea of looking at every day things and making them interesting. Since I’m wondering about developing medical themes further, I’m really glad I didn’t avoid this exhibition just because of the animal remains, although I don’t know if I could look at work that is more graphic than this!


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