Exercise 4.4

I chose the best six from exercise 4.1 to add thicker paint to areas.

It’s always with trepidation that I add paint to watercolour, because of dulling it.

I don’t think this was so successful, as the original shapes were weakly drawn. I tried to strengthen that but the colours above and below just got muddy.

I think the second is a slight improvement, but again, I’m not sure the initial painting worked that well. I realise that adding more watercolour to an already failing painting rarely helps it!


I added a little more paint to this watercolour and thought it improved the definition of shapes. Sadly I thought I had a photograph of the original version but didn’t.

This is the acrylic version one and two of the same cupboard contents. Adding more paint made the shoe stand out, which is the focal feature.

I added a bit of acrylic to this light, but again the original drawing was weak so adding more paint just highlights that.

I really liked this light fitting painting, and made sure I didn’t add too much to ruin it. I think with this watercolour I left enough of the paper white to make it succeed and have a freshness which was lost with the other two watercolours.

For improvement

I need to leave more of the paper white in watercolour.

Have a strong under drawing for difficult shapes, otherwise they won’t be successful.


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