Exercise 4.2

This next was about coloured pencil drawings. Again, I took my time choosing the views to draw.


I thought these perfume bottles were interesting shapes.


I tried another bag and shoe view.


I struggled to find something else interesting, experimenting with hairdryers and combs, but came across this sink view that I look at daily, but have never really looked at.

What went well?

I’m making myself spend time on interesting compositions before I even start. Maybe in the past, I’ve rushed that part, then spent hours on a painting that then turns out to bore me and everyone else!

What could be improved?

I spent a few hours on this, but I can see in some places the drawing isn’t quite right. I need to be careful about tones. I’ve used the same size circle and white paper – what about different sizes, coloured paper, newspaper? What about multiple circles on one page? What about an unexpected object in an area inspired by Henny Acloque? What about 3D like Mindy Lee?


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