Exercise 4.1

I decided to take photos and taped a circular view finder to the laptop screen rather than trying to do it from life.

I took a lot of photos because I’ve done this exercise in previous courses and always been bored with my results – so how can I make it more interesting?

I decided not to rearrange anything – it all had to be as it was in real life. This brings in an element of randomness to the composition. I think before things looked too neat and tidy. The third one was trying out watercolour of bathroom windowsill stuff – I liked it because the blue sky can be seen through the frosted window. I wondered about painting the bottles in negative shapes?

I have left these fairly plain in order to get the next layer of paint on in ex 4.4. At this stage the bed looks better than the windowsill – but thicker paint might bring out some definition of the bottles and shaving brush.

I think the first here worked well and the second painting in acrylic is my third attempt at the light – its still not quite right, painting it freehand was just too hard!


Lastly is my messy cupboard in acrylic.

What went well?

These are getting more interesting compositions. There’s no need to put the whole of an object in, or to make the main object central. William Sasnal’s still life has inspired me as I discussed previously in this blog.

Watercolour wet in wet quite successful too.

What could be improved?

Too much paint on painting 2 – certainly not 50% of the paper white as suggested for watercolour. I think I have to be very careful about adding more paint to that one, especially not on any white areas. No. 4 has a bad drawing already so is unlikely to improve with any amount of painting.


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