Non course work – part 4

Writing for Edge Zine

The new OCA student zine Edge is nearly out and I’m very excited to have contributed 3 articles!

I will put the link up soon when it is available. Here are a few sketches I submitted to go with the RA summer exhibition article I wrote, as it was quite rightly pointed out we don’t have permission to use photos.

Writing for this scene was much harder than I thought. I’m used to writing evidence based medical theory so trying to write something interesting and arty was not easy!

Life Draw

For this untutored life draw, I decided to experiment with some exercises out of the Emily Ball book [1].


Here’s one from roughly drawing the figure in graphite powder and then adding lines with charcoal. I realise now, he needs the stool to sit on, as it’s an odd pose to be in without it!


Heres my first experiment using acrylics with a rag – making the body shape in two colours and then adding fine detail with a third colour.



I really like this method, as you get to make the main body shape with the rag quite quickly and it  helps then to start refining it. When doing  a detailed drawing, you can get lost in a part until it ends up wrong – but this way feels quite free. As before with using three colours I think you need to be careful to choose different tones. I think it could be improved with making stronger shapes at the beginning. I wonder how this method would produce a monoprint?



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