Reflections on assignment 1 feedback

I was pleased with this feedback as I felt it did take on board my commitment to experimenting with new things!


  • blog shows taking experimentation seriously and evaluating processes and outcomes
  • avoid getting focussed on faces and figurative too early on and simplest subjects works best. Interesting point! I have only just started drawing faces of people in the news for this course – I must say I have enjoyed it, after the previous two courses of looking more at landscapes.
  • don’t forget to try more of a variety of brush sizes – good point! I have been stuck on using the same 3 for this exercise mainly as they are easy to clean for acrylic.
  • painting thin and small exercise – most effective are simplest and where medium has been allowed to do its own thing
  • black and white exercise – tree pictures showed moody and atmospheric well as thinking about how the negative space will feature
  • assignment – most successful are the hawk, Sid Vicious, terrorist and the angels.
  • sketchbooks – keep it more coherent. This is difficult as I carry it round and use it wherever I am to sketch. Maybe I can stick some markers in for exercises adn assignments though
  • when looking at other artists work think analytically about how they created that image – and thy they’ve chosen to work in that way.
  • Part 2 – don’t worry about the outcome, just experiment.

Main points – keep it simple for experimentation, use different brushes, look at the processes of artist’s work.

Compared to POP1 and D1, I’m finding this less formal and prescriptive – more fun and freedom to try things out. Although having this as a third course means I’m more confident to start with about what’s expected.


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