Non course work – part 1 and 2

I continue to attend a monthly life drawing session that is untutored. This really helps me just to let my hair down and try out different mediums. During D1 I experimented with a lot of drawing ink and acrylic.

Last month I tried painting in acrylics – the three primary colours and seeing what I could achieve. The last was the longest sitting at 50 minutes, so it tends to be loose. In the first two I didn’t mix the colurs much which produced an interesting effect. In the the last I did mix on the palette which became more conventional.

In the second session, I used new Atelier acrylics and mediums to experiment with using them like oils and thinning like watercolour. These range from 20 to 50 minutes. I increased my range of colours with blue-black and burnt umber and the primaries. I think limiting the colours is giving me a better sense of mixing.


I went to a monoprint workshop because I see that is coming up in the next part! I also tried a linocut. Lessons learnt – care with the amount of paint is vital! Can only be learnt by experimentation! Also, simpler shapes come out better. After a couple of hours I gained in confidence. Trying out different papaers including tracing papers gives me ideas for the next part.

The first is from an oil paintng class I attend which teaches the traditional techniques of thick over a thin tonal underpainting and has been very useful. The second is from a plein air workshop with Haidee-jo Summers where she taught me how to see the view in colour and tonal blocks and stop trying to make it too complicated. My outdoor paintings have been over fussy and mostly disatrous until now. Her tips helped me enormously to look at shape masses.


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