Exercise 2.4

I was looking for a different collection to paint and came up with the idea of my medical equipment that sits on my desk. Also packets of pills and inhalers are interesting shapes.

I used a watercolour ground, black, quinacridone gold and purple in various combinations for a light and dark effect.


This was my watercolour effort for the medication collection. Again I’d tried a few combinations for the composition and settled on this jumbled combination. I like the shiny pill packets. The front of the pink inhaler got a bit messy but it wasn’t a bad effort. I used white gouache for the white highlights since there was no white of the paper. I put the composition all off centre too which I’m realising is better than plonking it straight in the middle!

Since I painted it, I found this work by Alex Hanna above and I really like his very bare composition. Maybe I add too much – thought for the future is less is more!

Next I tried gouache only but I didn’t like it much, the shadows were too strong and I added too much complement colour so that the shadows looked like solid forms! So I decided to experiment with this one and paint on top more stethoscopes in acrylic. I think their jumble improved it and made it more interesting. I also toned down the shadows first. Still struggling a bit with gouache, it can look solid and dull very easily in my hands.


The last is in acrylic. Better shadows. I like the c omposition of the ear bud being very forward. This is my style of loose brushstrokes and trying to make an object out of the minimum marks to keep it looking fresh. I failed there with the pulse oximeter which needed revisions to get the correct shape. A bit of complement colour in the shadows worked this time.

I like these collections as they do say something about me. I use these things all the time – apart from the bottles of penicillin but I thought they were interesting shapes. I do think I paint better when I’m interested in something – thats maybe where the jewellery and pots ones were less successful??


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