Exercise 2.2

How different to be back on A1 after all the small postcard paintings! I’d disliked the nail varnish trial of the cutlery so decided to have a go with acrylic paint in a thin way. I used only 3 primary colours to practice the greys with warm and cool.


I had tried laying out the cutlery in neat rows but it looked so boring. As Lee Edwards has said, it is worth giving time to the right composition as you are going to be spending a long time with it! The jumbled close up seemed to be the most interesting to me. I took liberties with the greys to make it more interesting, the blue and red are not realistic. Stepping back from it, I thought this ended up looking quite striking and being far more successful than I thought developing it. The shadows are the wrong colour – I should have added the complement of blue – orange to it instead of them being greeny. I’m enjoying experiment with Atelier interactive acrylics and their mediums. This had some slow medium in it. Some paint was dry and thick brush stroked, perhaps it would have more coherence if all were thin layers?


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