Art Gallery visit – Syson gallery Nottingham

I was excited about this exhibition, having seen an artist mentioned in the UPM course was in there – Mimei Thompson. She is a Japanese born artist, and is well known for her Cave Paintings.


Mimei Thompson – Cave Panorama 2 2012


Mimei Thompson – Cave Panorama 2 2012 detail


Mimei Thompson – Untitled cave painting 4

They are much better in real life than in reproduction I think. She uses a white background and I think mainly wide brushes with different coloured paint along the brush edge to form these thin layers of the cave. she changes the colours of the layers so the caves come forward. It feels quite dream like and takes my mind right into those caves. The swirls of the cave wall are quite mesmerising. It makes me feel like I want to go  in there and see whats beyond those caves, its quite dream like. Its a technique I would like to try, but I imagine it’s much harder than it looks!

Paul Harraway is a Nottinghamshire based artist. His paintings are small and intricate.


Paul Harraway -The big field in the view of the cig 2016

I particularly liked this one with its many layers. It made me keep peering into it seeing more and more but its only postcard sized so its like looking into a bigger world through a small window.

I have no idea what the title means – was he smoking a fag while looking at a view?


Paul Harraway -Tapiola 2015

Finally I looked at a drawing of Nottingham based artist John Newling whose work I have become familiar with. Here is one of his preparatory drawings.



John Newling – nine twist of nature 1978-79 research drawings

It is incredibly detailed and precise and shows how nature forms a spiral pattern. It reminds me of the double helix structure of DNA. Its striking and drawn with detail of an architectural drawing!



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