Art Gallery visit – Summer Exhibition Nottingham university

I found some fantastic work in this exhibition of students and teachers at the Lakeside art gallery. There was no information about the work apart from a title which was a shame I thought.


Angelo Murray Detainee

This image appealed to me, even before I had seen the title. The pain in the face is enhanced but the fading images conveying movement. My eyes moved back and forth over the gruesome image. It made me think of the film ‘Jacobs ladder’ where dynamic head movements depicted insanity. It looks like your worst nightmare. Its quite a dehumanised look -large nostrils, ruggae, slight shoulders. Where is this detainee? Its a contemporary political theme.


Terrence Bennett ‘Beckettian perspective

I thought this was clever – I did not see the head image until I stepped back and realised by brain is wanting to invent it. The face parts look like square pixels enlarged. I liked the wet uncontrolled background. I don’t understand it even with the title but once I’ve looked into the meaning it makes more sense – ‘a human desire to be recognised’.


Jack Findlater LIfe room

This appealed in composition as it is unusual. The main subject is almost devoid of feature apart from a little skin colour. But its highlighted as a negative shape by the colourful blocks around it. Rough pencil marks are left in. The colourful blocks have a line of negative space around them. Something to think about for future watercolours.


Robert Dewa ‘Fist print 2’

I thought this was an interesting swirling image and the title helps to explain the central image. What an interesting thought. We start off as children printing potatoes and this is a great extension of that. It’s set me thinking about what prints toes could make, or an ear or half a face!


Terrence Bennett ‘Celebration’

This stands out in the room, all the layers and the vibrant green that flows over the surface onto the mount. It takes the eye out of the work and reminds me of how Rothko does that with his paint disappearing around the edges. I like the granular patterns in the lower layer. No clue from the title.

A lot of interesting ideas gathered here for future work. I have had a go in my sketchbook at making faces from abstract patterns – not as easy as it looks!


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