Art Gallery visit; Trent University Fine art degree show

I was excited about this fine art degree show – the last one for this part time course as it is ending after 10 years. The exhibits were by students, alumni and teachers of the course.

There was so much to look at, but I will comment on my favourite 2D work, as this is where I’m at with my course and more relevant to me than the sculpture and video works.


Margie Andrew-Reichelt Untitled

This is a large work that confronts you as you enter the room. It is hung alone so really makes an impact. I felt like those eyes were looking right at me. This person looks a little mischievous or lost. I like it because I empathise straight away with the theme of masks, having just finished that for assignment 5. The way its painted is in parts hyper real – the blood vessels in the eyes, but the mask is quite loose and paint spattery and the hair is just a monocolour. Its quite a dream like work. The composition is simple, no clues in the background here as to whats going on. The colours are realistic and I think its medium is either thinned acrylic or watercolour. Theres use of chiaroscuro. No clue in the title either or any other information for it.


Ute Feinsein Netscape


Ute Feinsein Side Impact

These are two works by the same artist. There was an explanation about the nets representing forces pulling and pushing and the tensions within them, which we can apply to every day life. I was particularly drawn to the first one, its simple but cleverly painted with the eye following the twine back and forth. It makes me feel calm looking at it. The second reminds me of TV pixels. I think the blocks and twine flow together in a way that makes me think of natural and manmade objects interacting. Both are painted in acrylic I think. In the first the colours are harmonious and in second it looks like more, but theres only black, yellow and red. Using the black tones adds to its impact without being jarring.


Nicola Rae Negative no. 31

I like this because the chiaroscuro makes me look at the centre. It looks like roots and soil have been painted by scraping back acrylic paint. Its brave having nearly half the painting black. Some of the edges looks torn off. The composition doesn’t follow the fibonacci classic thirds but maybe that makes it more interesting. This reminds me of Peter Doig’s work in some way.


Chris White Abnegation

Finally quite an odd work. I like looking into this and seeing the strange forms. It looks like these men in vintage clothes have discovered some demonic zoo where breeding experiments have gone wrong! I looks to be worked in coloured pencil and graphite. I did not like the accompanying information by the artist which explained amongst other things, that this is the mute urgent tracings of a nobody pointing at a naked Emperorr and that there is no artist but a fabricator of drawings. This seems like pretentious ramblings to me and took away from the drawings, a shame.


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